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Leaders &

Our greatest desire at Can Sa Roca is to offer you a space that provides what you need for yourself and your participants.  Our aim is to remove the stressors so that you can take time to relax and enjoy expressing your purpose through the work that you do.


We offer you support to facilitate your workshop, seminar, event, or retreat and will help you to provide the facilities that your participants require to make their stay memorable and life changing and to enable you to let go of the logistical stressors and allow you to focus on what you do best


Can Sa Roca has grandeur yet we also offer an informal place where your guests can sit together and share their time, or choose to relax alone in one of the beautiful rooms, terraces and gardens at Can Sa Roca.

& Seekers

Can Sa Roca is here to provide a space for seekers at all levels of knowledge, no matter what you are looking for, whilst at the same time providing a beautiful environment to relax and contemplate.

We aim to inspire Seekers to search beyond themselves and the belief systems that are no longer serving the lifestyle and experiences they seek to create, to activate living to their fullest potential as human beings and to provide a guiding light for humanity to step out of the darkness and into their own true authentic nature.  In this way we become true instruments of conscious evolution for our family, communities and the wider human evolution.

We are at the time of The Quickening, where Humanity is being called to wake up and see the Light… literally!  If you are feeling the call for help, for assistance, for change, for clearing and releasing past patterns we are here to provide service.


If you are feeling ready to activate a high vibrational way of BEING no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do or do not do then we are here to facilitate that activation. If you are feeling that there is something more to life and cannot quite put your finger upon it, then we are here to offer assistance to you growing and evolving more fully into your True Self at the heart of your Being.

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