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Our History

Our story begins well over three hundred years ago in the 18th century when this Ibicencan finca served as the area's oil mill since its construction and then for centuries to come.


Fast forward to the 1960's. It was bought by entrepreneur Gerry Albertini who commissioned the renowned Ibicenco master builder of that time, Francisco Viñas, to refurbish the historic property. He made it his luxurious stately home still keeping the original brickwork, grand staircases and beautiful rustic detail at the core of its architecture. Mr Albertini frequently threw lavish dinner parties attended by such noble gentry as the Shah of Persia, Princess Soraya and Aristotle Onassis along with film stars Ava Gardner, Errol Flynn, Orson Welles and many other celebrities of that glamorous era.


It is known that Orson Welles wrote his script for the movie: “F for FAKE” in this magnificent location.
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