You are not a drop in the ocean, You are the ocean in a drop (Rumi)

About Us

Can Sa Roca is founded on the guiding principles of passion and the desire to create a platform for Transformational Leaders and Seekers who want to effect change in themselves and in the World.  Whether you are a teacher of metaphysical practices, or a corporate leader wishing to effect change in your team and business, or an event organiser looking for somewhere truly unique, our philosophy is inclusive. Our doors are open to pioneers who have wellbeing at the heart of their philosophy and practice. 


Can Sa Roca is aimed at being an academy of pioneering practice and learning, a place where you can come and relax and share with some of the best Transformational and Spiritual Leaders in the Consciousness Movement. 


We offer holistic practice born from the Ancient Wisdom Schools and modern Thought Leaders about the nature of the Aware Human Being. We offer you the space to inform yourself and others amidst the timeless beauty of one of the oldest Fincas upon the island of Ibiza. 

We have worked to make this a high frequency environment so that as you enter through the doorways your experience has already begun!  Whether you have come to experience and learn, or whether you are running a retreat, teaching a workshop, running a larger seminar or event, this space is dedicated to facilitating the best experience that we can give you.

cansaroca Ibiza

We invite you to be part of our evolution and part of the wider consciousness revolution


Workshop & Seminars

We offer a unique environment unrivalled on the Island of Ibiza for retreat, workshop and seminar leaders and event organisers. 


We wish you to bring your knowledge and your vision to inspire and motivate Seekers to have the courage to express more of themselves and their innate Authentic Being and take this out into the World.  Whether through physical practices such as yoga and Qi Gong, or ancient practices of Acupuncture and massage, ethical business practices such as sustainable corporate adjustment, or more metaphysical practices such as Reiki and Matrix Energetics, we open our doors in service to you.


We invite you to bring your groups and to bring your wisdom, practice and information to the world to help others evolve.

We believe that it is worth devoting a little more in order to give your participants the best experience that they can have in a space that is dedicated to serving The Light, raising consciousness and is dedicated to SERVING YOU!

cansaroca Ibiza

“There is a force within that gives you life. Seek that.” 



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Tel: +34 673 599 401

Camino Sa Vorera

San Antonio



07820 Spain

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