We offer a unique environment unrivalled on the Island of Ibiza for retreat, workshop, seminar and event leaders.


We believe that it is worth spending a little more in order to give your participants the BEST experience that they can have in a space that is dedicated to serving The Light, raising consciousness and is dedicated to SERVING YOU!


We have worked to make this a high frequency environment so that you and your participants can enter through the doorways and your experience has already begun!  Whether you are running an intensive retreat, big or small, our space is dedicated to facilitating the best experience that we can give you and your participants.

We offer our own personalised retreats that teach state of the art consciousness technologies that integrate metaphysical mystery schools with quantum science where you can truly transform yourself and learn to become teacher who runs their own workshops and retreats anywhere in the world physically or on the world wide network of the Web. 


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Tel: +34 673 599 401

Camino Sa Vorera

San Antonio



07820 Spain

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